The duo Foreign Exchange, consisting of Nicolay and one of my favorite rapper, Phonte has just released their new video for the title track of their 3rd album. Of the 3 they’ve dropped; Leave It All Behind is the best to me, but Authenticity is a very solid album. Simply put the video for Authenticity focuses on the selfishness of men, when in a relationship. Phonte makes a cameo for about 3 seconds, and I don’t think Nicolay is in it at all; nonetheless it’s a great visual to the song.


I;ve been finding great Womens products lately. Here is some of it; including a YSL suede jacket, with a pretty nice inside embroidery. Also from YSL is a red croc leather hip purse. There’s a Jil Sander silk blouse. It has a rounder slim collar, and is a great deep purple color. Lastly is a signature Fendi purse, and a Marc Jacobs Collection razor back vest. Hope you guys enjoy what’s here, and proceed to thebrand page to check out more


As a kid, I thought I was a video director. I would hear songs and imagine how the video should look. Needless to say; I didn’t see that dream through, but even to this day I enjoy dissecting videos. This is an ill video, that everyone should see. There  are animated cameos by Kerry Washington, Karl Lagerfeld, and one Ms Janelle Monae. It also seems continue into another song; possibly ‘Locked Inside’ by Monae. Hope you guys enjoy!

So I’ve been an Ozwald Boateng fan since The Sundance Channel created a series call, House of Boateng; illustrating his brand and attempt to enter the American fashion market. Being of Guyanese decent, raised in London; Boateng’s line encompasses vibrant colors while creating impeccable fits. He was the youngest, and only Black tailor on Savile Row. When I make a voyage to London; his shop will be one the first places I visit. He’s easily my favorite designer, and I can’t wait for this movie to drop. It’s 12 years in the making, and focuses on his career and personal progressions. Below check out his highlights from this London Fashion Week.


This week BAV has been replenished with some great stock, for Men & Women. I’ve been lucky to come across some iconic brands. For those looking for some accessories; I’ve put up a MCM wallet & card holder,  a Fendi card holder, and a YSL silk scarf. If you’re in need of some footwear; up now are a discontinued pair of Frye Boots, and a pair of Gucci Dress Shoes. If you’re looking for some great apparel there’s some new Womens Mickey Mouse sweatshirts, and some Mens Ralph Lauren. Thanks to Curtains for pulling out his best Tyson Beckford. Proceed to the Buried Alive Vintage page on Kazbah to see more.

So we had a 4 hour layover in Chicago, on our way to Cali. So what did we decide to do with our limited amount of time? Get full of course! So this airport police office was nice enough to take us to a local hotdog spot, Fannie’s Beef! We loaded up on hot dogs, and this marinated beef sandwich…….  Anyway, the few people we met there were amazing; and I’m definitely trying to make my way back this Spring. More pics below:

Motorcycle fashion of years past is so very inspiring! Take this first image for example. This dude could ride down I-95 right now, and turn heads. From the dress hat to the fit of the pants, and them being tucked into the boots; this looks very appropriate and easy to wear. This image is believed to be the 1920’s. Below are images of riders from the 50’s and 60’s; that provide design ques to many garments being sold today. Just in these 4 images there are cutoff denim jackets, studded leather jackets, braided leather belts, aviator caps, and leather bomber jackets; all relevant today.